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12/7/2017 · 艾域在早前前往歐洲工幹時,就隨身攜帶了 Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote 這對入耳式耳機作聆聽體驗,選擇它去乘搭長途飛機,原因是看中它體積超級的式,方便隨時收納,但究竟除了小巧之外,Xelento Remote 還有甚麼優勝之處?立即和大家解構一下吧。

20/12/2017 · With the Xelento Wireless, Beyerdynamic offers consumers a choice of enjoying premium audio in a wireless mode. Most users would choose the Xelento Remote to deliver the utmost audio quality, but the Xelento Wireless seems to be able to deliver sufficient

* Xelento remote is compatible with most Apple and Android devices featuring a built-in 3.5 mm jack socket with CTIA pin assignment. It may be possible that the volume control does not work with or does not provide all functions for some devices, e.g. Lightning

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27/2/2019 · Beyerdynamic never fails to deliver. Join me this week as I review an excellent pair of in-ears from the original headphone brand. https://audio46.com/produc

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With the latest release of Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote, we’ve been asked about how the high-res Tesla driven earbud fares to its competitor quad-driven competitor Shure. Here it all is in our Beyerdynamic Xelento vs Shure SE846 Review. Beyerdynamic Xelento vs

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3/3/2019 · There are a lot of choices when it comes to audio gear, but if you want something subtle that fits in your ear rather than a big cup that sits atop your ear, you have to compromise sound for convenience, right? Wrong. The amazing Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless in-ear headphones, built around Tesla audiophile drivers, will

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8/6/2019 · Xelento vs Oriveti New Primacy – ONP is a thick sounding IEM with a good sense of space and a natural sound, Bluetooth wireless cable. Maybe they should just release Xelento Ultimate with balanced and single-ended audio cables, remote cable, and


29/11/2017 · 人參杯具: Xelento, Xelento remote , Xelento wireless 所以要收集拜耳全家桶嗎(x 11-29 22:11 大帝: 沒$$$$$$$$ 11-29 22:16 黎黎貓: 我只會在光南一邊比價格、一邊比分貝數、電感電阻之類的XD(高中老師教的 11-29 22:27 大帝: 其實比那個完全沒有

The Xelento wireless will probably be available in Ocotober. There will also be a “wireless kit” to upgrade the Xelento remote. Unfortunately, I do not have an exact date from which the wireless kit will be available. But I hope, that this will be end of this year.

28/2/2017 · Disclaimer: Beyerdynamic sent me the Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote for review at Headfonia. I am told I can keep it. I didn’t pay anything for it. Beyerdynamic Xelento goes for about 999$. You can find out all about it here: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote. Singing


2/8/2018 · You might as wait for the Xelento then, the wireless one should be out soon, but the Xelento remote are pretty cheap in hong kong, just seen one week ago in MK for about HKD 6500 I think, MK underground audio mall, you know where it is, I’m sure there are many

I have access to thenew Xelento for review so I’m about to find out. Beyerdynamic Xelento remote Review IN THE BOX The Beyerdynamic Xelento in-ear headphone is the full package. For this kind of money you get the royal treatment with a series of silicone and

When I first tried out the Xelento Remote at the Canjam Singapore 2017 in March, I felt great satisfaction experiencing Hi-Res audio files delivered with detail and precision through in-canal earphones. I agreed to an interview with the Beyerdynamic Asia and you can

That said, the Xelento Remotes’ eartips have a shallower insertion, and for that reason, they’re a more comfortable set of headphones to wear. Speaking of wearing, the Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote is a luxury pair of headphones for adults, with looks and sound

標題 [心得] Xelento Remote 純開箱 時間 Thu Mar 2 07:06:27 2017 其實在T8ie還沒發表時就很注意這支搭載Tesla技術的小耳道 隨著上市看了許多災情 後續也推出了MKII 但遲遲下不了手的原因是一邊的商標印著AK(個人觀感) 之後Beyer似乎聽到了一部份玩家的

28/2/2017 · Review: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote – Anthem Sound Both earphones get just as loud at the same volume levels through my iPhone SE. The AKT8iE’s extra 1dB of sensitivity makes no difference to my ears. This means that both earphones hiss mildly

8/5/2017 · Beyerdynamic is billing its new Xelento Wireless as ‘the first wireless in-ear headphones for audiophiles.’ They carry a list price of 1,200 Euros or $1,200. CNET may get a

Quality & Exclusive Materials The Xelento Remote employs materials that perfectly reflect the personality of these in-ears. The high-gloss housing is robust and is built to stand the test of time. The cable that runs behind your ears is silver-plated, while the remote

XELENTO REMOTEは他のダイナミックタイプのイヤホンと比べても、音場も広くて、横にも縦にも、あと奥行感も広くて、すごく柔らかくて、いいなと思いましたね。 ライブ音源やロックはとてもよかったですね。 beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless JP


Comparison of Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote and Shure SE846 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Previous song, Next song, Play/Pause, Answer button, Volume

今回の記事でご紹介をさせていただくのは高級ダイナミックドライバー搭載のイヤホンブームの火付け役にもなったXELENTO REMOTEのBluetoothワイヤレスバージョンが登場! beyerdynamic XELENTO WIRELESS JP 2019/6/15 発売予定です

Speziell für die Xelento-Serie wurde eine miniaturisierte Version des Tesla-Treibers entwickelt, die dem „großen“ Original in nichts nachsteht. Als Tesla-Kopfhörer wartet Xelento wireless mit einem Facettenreichtum und einer Präzision auf, die in dieser Form bei

The Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote is available from Amazon (International) for $999 USD and Amazon AU for $1180 AUD at the time of writing. Please see my affiliate link for the most updated pricing, availability and configurations.

Maybe they should just release Xelento Ultimate with balanced and single-ended audio cables, remote cable, and wireless cable to cover all the bases. The packaging box Xelento arrived in is very compact and solid. The exterior sleeve has a very detailed picture

Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote Full Specifications Sound Sound Output Stereo Impedance 16 Ω Sensitivity 110 dB Acoustic design Closed Dimensions Headset (integrated/enclosed microphone

Xelento Wireless er identisk med Remote, og det følger med kabel med innebygd mikrofon, for bruk med mobiltelefon og bærbare spillere. Denne kabelen fungerer imidlertid ikke med en vanlig stereoforsterker, da kommer lyden i motfase og låter bare rart.

このXELENTOを含めダイナミック一発のモデルは個性豊かで今後も見逃せませんね。 【20180815更新】 wirelessヴァージョンが2018年内に出るとのことで、個人的にめちゃくちゃ注目しているモデルです。

Beyerdynamic is billing its new Xelento Wireless as ‘the first wireless in-ear headphones for audiophiles.’ They carry a list price of 1,200 Euros or $1,200. CNET may get a

Beyerdynamic Xelento. PHOTO: Alfred SiewUnlike its bigger German rival Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic isn’t as well recognised outside the professional audio or high-end audiophile circles where its name is spoken with a knowing air.So its new S$1,599

Quality products with perfect sound: the headphones and headsets with microphones from beyerdynamic offer perfect sound Hi-fi headphones In-Ear-headphones Gaming Wireless Made in Germany If you purchased your beyerdynamic product less than two

10/1/2017 · We encountered plenty of wireless headphones at CES 2017, from noise-canceling over-ears to true wireless buds, and even “hearables” that allow you to control your own sonic environment by augmenting the sound around you. But this year, it was trusty old sonic engineering (wires and all) from

TWO Year Warranty – In Stock 1.3 m silver-plated cable with 3-button remote and 3.5 mm plug, 4-pole 1.3 m silver-plated cable with 3.5 mm plug 7 pairs of silicone ear-tips 3 pairs of Comply ear-tips Case Cable clip Quick start guide Xelento remote An audible

【BeyerdynamicXelento remote】京东JD.COM提供BeyerdynamicXelento remote正品行货,并包括BeyerdynamicXelento remote网购指南,以及BeyerdynamicXelento remote图片、Xelento remote参数、Xelento remote评论、Xelento remote心得、Xelento remote技巧

20/2/2018 · Beyerdynamic has finally dropped a flagship in-ear headphone to compete with the best. The Xelento packs so many goods in such a little package, and at the front is a miniaturized version of the company’s top-end and one-of-a-kind Tesla acoustic driver. Is this the

今回のXelento remoteはAK T8iEと異なるドライバを採用しているので改良されているんでしょうね。発売までに時間がかかったのもこのテスラドライバのブラッシュアップが原因かなと想像しています。 XelentoはCayin i5 DAPと直接接続をして聴きました。

Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote high-end earphones review By AndroidGuys – Feb 20, 2018 Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest WhatsApp Chances are that if you’ve done some headphone research, you’ve heard of Beyerdynamic.

In-Ears of the Xelento series How can I update the firmware of my Xelento wireless? How many devices can be connected to the Xelento wireless at the same time (multi-point operation)? What can be done if the Bluetooth® connection fails? What do I need to

21/8/2019 · Es gibt den Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote für 999 Euro, die Wireless- Variante kostet 200 Euro mehr. Wir empfehlen den Xelento Wireless, denn er verfügt über eine Klangpersonalisierung mithilfe der MIY-App. Die Verpackung wirkt edel, das Zubehör ist reich

High-quality headphones, microphones, and conference systems made in Germany. Here at beyerdynamic Heilbronn, we have a passion for audio technology with outstanding sound quality – and it shows. Anyone who has ever put on a pair of beyerdynamic


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